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Your Toolbox

Running a business is hard! Most owners and managers struggle to not just get everything done but finding the balance between working on their business and working in it. My large business toolbox will help you with a plan of attack that will let you do what has made you the expert in your field, and ultimately what you enjoy doing.

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Having a business or marketing plan for the season you are in can be a liberating experience. There are two scopes to what I offer, the marketing side where we look at who you want as a customer and then find ways to reach those customers. The business consulting side works to make you successful by helping you prioritize and budget your next move, step one is usually the hardest – learning about your financial statements and finding ways to be more profitable and effective.

I help people find solutions to make them successful by mentoring and connecting them to resources. There are a lot of moving parts in small businesses, and most owners feel the stress of "doing it all," but having the right tools to keep them in motion is the key to better productivity - and profits.

It is important to know your responsibilities as a business owner. That is where I can help, from getting your first business license to understanding the support system every business owner NEEDS! Or if you are an established business owner that is feeling overwhelmed, give me a call - let's find solutions for you!

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Ready for the next step? Let's set up a coffee date - in person or virtual to discuss your needs!

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