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About Me

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In 2013 I started on an adventure. After 25+ years in automotive customer service, I went to school for Management and Marketing, and have not looked back. Every day I look forward to helping businesses and organizations achieve their goals and develop a stronger foundation on which to build.​


Covid opened the eyes of a lot of business owners. Your business structure as well as accurate record-keeping (Bookkeeping) and proper payroll processes are more important than ever. With my years of experience with QuickBooks and other resources, I can help you create systems that work for your business. 

Business planning, goal setting, and looking out for the latest regulations are often the last thing we think about in the day-to-day of running a business. Having a plan and systems in place is really important. Waiting until you "have a moment" is oftentimes too late.

Meet Raven!
The Human Happiness Director

I have a tool kit for every season of your business from start-up, to growth and everything in-between.

Let's discuss your business goals and struggles and find solutions for you!



(907) 331-9402



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