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Good recordkeeping is so much more than just preparing for your taxes, it should be a tool that you look at regularly to determine the health of your business. Many people look at their bank account and see money – so they think they are profitable. And maybe they are in one area of business, but they could be losing money in another.  Or the more common situation I see is when business owners are constantly struggling with cash flow, and they can’t understand why.

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The coronavirus was a wake-up call to a lot of small business owners, without proper financial statements and documentation businesses could not apply for grants or other funding. Keeping accurate records and producing financial statements also helps your ability to apply for funding for expansion or investments in the future.

I find that many business owners want to hang on to bookkeeping duties even when they are too busy to really give it the attention it needs. A professional bookkeeper is not as expensive as you may think and can save you time in the long run – especially at tax time

My services include preparing quarterly and year-end employee tax forms such as your 940 and 941’s. I can also prepare and send out all of your 1099’s. However, I do recommend that you have a CPA or Tax Accountant do the preparations of your personal and business tax returns. Even with a simple Schedule C filing, the tax laws change too often. A good tax preparer is essential to a small business and should be part of your “tool box.”

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Whether you have been in business for years and have an established bookkeeping system, or you are just starting out I have solutions and processes that can help.

Ready for the next step? Let's set up a coffee date - in person or virtual to discuss your needs!

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